Shen Ruoxi said lightly。

Shen Ruoxue didn’t move,This girl didn’t intentionally embarrass Shen Ruoxi,But her own face is not good,Her self-esteem is super strong!
“Koyuki,Your sister is talking to you。”
Chen Hao said in a low voice。
Shen Ruoxue’s body moved,The cup in my hand is raised a little bit。Obviously,Her heart is shaking。
After all, Shen Ruoxue and Shen Ruoxi’s relationship is quite deep!After jumping into the river,Stirred by cold water,Coupled with the cold of the late autumn night along the way“freeze”Half dead,The grievances in her heart have almost disappeared long ago,The only thing she can’t let go of now,It’s her face。
“snow,Do you want me to keep waiting for you with ginger soup like this??but it does not matter,The last time you injured your ass and lay on the bed and couldn’t move,Sister, I also wait to feed you every day,Feed you water。”
Shen Ruoxi said lightly。
Shen Ruoxue’s body trembled!She really knew what Shen Ruoxi was talking about……After she was beaten up by Liu Xiaoyun and her men,Almost“Disabled”Up,First, brother-in-law Qin Liangyi took care of her for two months.,Then Shen Ruoxi came……
In those few months,It’s the sisters who have the sweetest relationship,The most dependent,When inseparable,At that time, the most common sentence Shen Ruoxue said was;I have a sister who loves me most in the world,With a brother-in-law who treated me best in the world!
“Koyuki,I’ve always been the sister who loves you most in the world。”
Shen Ruoxi said bitterly,Just finished,Tears fell……
“Wakayu,You must not cry anymore!I have been crying for over an hour just now,Look at how your eyes are crying!”
Chen Hao immediately said something in time,of course,This sentence is still deliberately said to Shen Ruoxue……
I heard Chen Hao say this,Shen Ruoxue raised her head instinctively,Looked at my sister,really,What she saw were Shen Ruoxi’s originally beautiful pair,Canruo star eyes,Has swollen into two little peaches at this moment……And she’s still crying,Tears are constantly flowing down。
In an instant,All the good time with my sister before,It appeared in Shen Ruoxue’s mind like a movie,From small to large,Sister’s love for herself,All kinds of care,All clearly appeared in front of Shen Ruoxue’s eyes。
“sister……Don’t cry anymore,You won’t be pretty if you cry。”
Almost without thinking,Shen Ruoxue said this to Shen Ruoxi!