No need for the elders to issue tasks,They should understand what they mean in college。

Go in and go out!
A very simple test,Just go from the cliff to the other side,Then walk in is victory。
Xia Chenglong arrived at the scene last,Students around automatically make a way,Let this freshman genius stand with the junior monsters。
“Long brother!”Zhang Shengyi called out first。
He is carrying all the long-cherished wishes of the new life,It looked a little heavy after coming in,After all, there are too many things on my back。
Zhang Shengyi scratched his head,Very embarrassing。
As the brother of Xia Chenglong,I came here because of his help along the way,I thought I could help,Unexpectedly。
The cliff is far from the other shore,So far away that I don’t even have the thought of thinking。
Everyone is thinking,Especially the early students,Their mood is about to collapse,How did this special code pass,Is it possible for them to cultivate until they reach the holy realm??
Xia Chenglong is also thinking,Before he can arrive in no time,But now……
Just a cliff has rejected many colleges,This is the screening of realm,Essentially no errors。