“Don’t believe it?Look at!”

Qin Liang got rid of Murongshan’s hand,Ran straight out of the ward,Open the window in the corridor,Pop up the window,Just jump down!
Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan and Zhao Tuo were shocked!This is the sixth floor!
The swallow that happened to buy snacks,Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue just walked into the corridor,I happened to see this scene……
“Qin Liang!”
Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan finally reacted at the same time!The two yelled in unison,Rushed to the window one after another,Zhao Tuo immediately followed!
Yanzi and the others immediately knew that an accident had happened,Immediately all rushed at the fastest speed……
Everyone a probe,But saw Qin Liang lay one hand on the window sill,I’m looking at everyone with a blank face!
“What’s the situation?master?”
Yanzi asked nervously……
“I don’t want to live anymore!You all ignore me,Don’t believe me!”
Qin Liang said it seriously……Actually he was just a prank,When he was bored two days ago,Have seen the situation outside this window,I also tested the strength of the windowsill with my hands,And I saw a raindrop sticking out on the fourth floor,That’s why he dared to be such a fool……
“Are you crazy? You,Come up to me!I count to three,You won’t come up,I just jumped down from another window!Don’t believe you try it!One!”
Shen Ruoxi is really angry……
Turns out she“One”Just finished counting,Qin Liang climbed up!
“Is there something wrong with you!”
Shen Ruoxi punched Qin Liang on the chest!