“Hand over the person who killed Master Shao,marry me,Qianqian will come back safely。”

Zhang Hai thinks this transaction is reasonable,Even a little complacent about making such a perfect decision。
Hear the man,Zhao Shaojiu didn’t show any emotions,But stand up from the sofa,Look at each other,Shook his head。
“very sorry,Can’t do what you said。”Zhao Shaojiu refused politely:“Not as good as this,How about we bet?”
interesting,Getting more interesting,Zhang Hai was just to humiliate each other at first,Now have new ideas,Maybe marry a woman home slowly**Also a good choice。
Thinking about the eyes showing lustful eyes,Unconsciously licked his lips。
“Miss Zhao, please tell!”
“let’s play a game,Like cats and mice。”
Bincheng said that small novels are not big or big,She’s betting on whether she can find Qianqian。
This is a fun game,So Zhang Hai is very interested in agreeing。
“Since it is a game,I hope there is a result。”Zhang Hai smiled:“Give you three days,If you can find the little girl,What I said just now is fart,If not found,I also hope Miss Zhao will not miss the appointment。”
“you can go now!”
Zhao Shaojiu doesn’t have much time to talk to such people,Direct chasing orders。