He is protected by soft armor,So the impact of that punch just now was not as strong as expected,It was Nangonghan’s foot that really made his blood churn。

It can be seen from here,Shengde Academy is really something,If you wait for these guys to grow up,It must be a group of powerful combat power。
of course,These are not what he needs to care about,As long as anyone blocks him from entering the inner courtyard,Then must fall。
Xia Chenglong cracked and smiled,Zang Long appeared from his hand,Slowly, a thin layer of white ice appeared on the black and blue earth sword,Weird and powerful。
Now that everyone has shown the aura of ice attributes,Then he will use ice attributes to meet the geniuses of Shengde Academy for a while。
“New student second class monitor,Zhao Chenglong asks the senior。”
Nangonghan’s gloomy face,The kick just now didn’t make the opponent lose their combat effectiveness,But become extremely ferocious,Such opponents reminded him of those little monsters in the same class。
Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four Darkness
As a top student,They also have their own pride,So there will be no changes in the next battle。
Nangonghan hands-on,The friends around me have been waiting,The warriors of the two big bodies move at the same time,Began to madly suppress Xia Chenglong。
Their hands wear special gloves,I can live with the sharp Zanglong,So the scene that appears in the eyes of the world at this moment is,Three quick changes。
Forward and backward,Xia Chenglong is retreating,Use the form of fighting and retreating to resolve the tricky attack from two angles。
Nangong Han and his companions are marching,I want to force Xia Chenglong to the point where he cannot retreat,This is an imposing pressure,Nothing too fancy。
“Bang bang bang!”
Zanglong’s blade collided with his fist and sparked,Attack like this,He will be driven to desperation sooner or later,Will be attacked by one party in the end。
Grit your teeth,Catch the reaction force and jump high,Reverse directly and sacrifice the Zanglong like a hidden weapon,Rowed hard towards Nangonghan。
“not good,Gangzi,Be careful!”Nangonghan immediately noticed something was wrong,Hurriedly shouted。
Since Xia Chenglong has already shot,Then what happened next has been expected,The moment Zang Long throws it out,Have gone to another person。