Qin Liang turned around and left。

Half an hour later,A girl with long black hair like a waterfall appeared in front of Qin Liang。
Although Shen Ruoxi is also a young girl,But her clothes are for this girl,Still a bit too big。
But the grown-up shirt did not hide the young girl’s beautiful white legs。
Also because the clothes don’t fit,So the little girl only wore Shen Ruoxi’s shirt and a pair of shorts……This invisibly made Qin Liang’s eyes cheap。
“I have a hasty!This temptation is too great, right……”
Looking at the beautiful legs in front of me,Qin Liang’s heartbeat accelerated involuntarily。
“People’s living standards have really improved……”
Qin Liang said to himself。
“Uncle what did you say?”
The girl who had walked in front of Qin Liang asked stupidly,Innocent and pure, she certainly would not think of the true meaning of Qin Liang’s words。
“It’s nothing……That one,You finished the bath。”Qin Liang changed the subject,Isn’t this nonsense,Can you come out without taking a shower。
“Yep,I feel so comfortable now,but,I still can’t remember where my home is,What is the phone number of my parents,Just think about these,My head hurts。”