“Ha ha,Why don’t you come here today??”

Xia Jihan said:“Problems?”
“Lao Zhao said I beg you。”Liu Mei said。
“What do you want?”Xia Jihan smiled,She was thinking about seeing Zhao Gang in the bookstore just now,I’m sure that Zhao told Liu Mei about her early pregnancy guide when she got home.,Then Liu Mei is thinking of her vomiting at her house yesterday,I must ask if I am pregnant。
“Old Zhao bought a small home video camera from the speaker counter in the bookstore,He won’t make,Want you to teach him,Then video the baby,I tell you,My son will laugh,Is giggling,Have you ever heard of children who are more than 20 days old laugh?Guarantee no,So hurry up,Record the laughter and smile for us。”
First259chapter There is not much time left for her
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Xia Jihan understands,Today is the weekend,Zhao Gang is not at work,That’s why there is such a leisurely feeling。 She deliberately said:“I really don’t want to go to your house,I still want to throw up when I think of your shit。”
“Haha,You will be like this in the future,Are you pregnant??”Liu Mei finally said what she wanted to know。
“You scared me,I went to the hospital for an examination early in the morning,Not pregnant at all,You,Feeling pregnant,Seeing anyone sick, I think they are pregnant,Nervousness。Humph——”
Liu Mei laughed again,Said:“Are you in a hurry?”
“Screw you。I’ll be there soon。”Talking and hung up。
I can’t tell anyone about pregnancy,Can’t even show his feet。
She glanced at the tin box,Suddenly changed my mind。
Zhao Gang studied early childhood education when his children were young,I also bought a camera to record the child’s growth,These are all supported by money,Thinking of raising this child independently in the future,She doesn’t want to return the money,for the kids,For the children’s future education,She decided to keep the money。
also,If you don’t accept the money,What trick Guan Zhengfang will use,Embarrass her。Thought of here,She put the money in one of her paper bags,She wants this money to be deposited in her bank card。