——The advantage of this is that the company can use professional operations to gather people’s hearts,Let those hundreds of remnant fans stay away,Can continue to give her krypton gold。

The disadvantage is,Handed all the fans to the company,If Qu Wan’er terminates the contract with this company next time,Those silly fans basically have nothing to do with her。
When a traffic is gone,That’s equivalent to being a general without soldiers,Is a terrible thing。
But she has no choice now。
Hand over these leftover fans to the company,It’s better than letting these leftover fans be led by no one,It’s better to walk away slowly。
Life is suffering, but there is no choice。
She agreed to Ye Wenwen’s proposal,Thinking in mind:“To be a flow is too unstable,I still have to charge myself more in the future,Improve one’s own strength,Try to be a real singer,Singer with a masterpiece that can be out of the circle。”
Capable singer,Can live well without a fan,Can still live with dignity,Free enough。
Really envious。
Just say it again——Really need that kind of strength,Who would choose to do traffic??
Just like the authors,If it’s not really desperate,Who is going to write about the Internet??
Isn’t it more fragrant to move bricks??Isn’t it more dignified??Isn’t the economic value higher??
I sighed deeply in my heart,Qu Wan’er made a decision,You must work hard to enrich yourself in the future。
In the case of insufficient strength,Don’t think about terminating the contract with Haoran Culture Company。
——That would make her really nothing。
Chapter Four and Two family