“Master Xie”Feng Yunshuang three respectfully said。

“Although I give you three yuan into one,But I don’t want you to practice according to the three elements of the hero,Wugong is the best that suits you,I hope you can use the Sanyuan Guiyi Cheats as an opportunity,Create your own ternary unity,Or your own swordsmanship、Knife、Boxing etc.,Give you three months,Breakthrough Master,It will be the day when my Sword Sect becomes famous”Wuming said and waved to let the three leave。
Three people leave,Nameless in the room with his eyes closed。
At this moment,Jian Chen came in。
“Chener,Are you coming to be a teacher??”Wuming asked。
Since Wuming and Absolutely No God returned safely from a decisive battle,I haven’t seen Jian Chen for a long time。
Jian Chen seems to be avoiding meeting with the nameless,Actually it’s normal to think about it,Wuming is very kind to Jianchen,Hand in martial arts,Nurture adulthood,Even his own sword hero sword was given to Jianchen,But Jian Chen was impressed by his heart,Although nothing happened in the end,Didn’t even mention his poisoning。But it doesn’t mean that Jian Chen can be treated as nothing happened。
It’s been a month since Jue Wu Shen’s battle,Jian Chen has spent the whole month in suffering,Jian Chen is not sure if Wuming knows he has been poisoned,The heart seal on my body has not been lifted,Jian Chen didn’t realize that his best solution now is to tell Wuming everything,Let Wuming help him solve things,Jian Chen is like a kid who made mistakes,I just subconsciously don’t want the master to know his own scandals。
After adding a month,Nameless Pointing Nie Feng and Bu Jingyun,Basically never had any intersection with Jian Chen,Even Qin Shuang came to Zhonghua Pavilion two days ago,This gave Jian Chen the illusion that his master was taken away。Some anger in fear,Complex emotions make Jian Chen know what he is wrong,Subconsciously like to come to the nameless。
“master,I,I”Jian Chen is silent,I opened my mouth several times in a row without speaking。
Unknown,After just thinking about it, you can understand Jian Chen’s concerns:“Chener,One can be treacherous,Can be vicious,But there is one thing he can never commit,Do you know what it is?”
“Disciple,Don’t know,Please master”Jian Chen thought for two seconds,Means not knowing。
“One can never be stupid,Stupid makes you proud,Stupidity makes people confused about themselves, but also makes others confused,Master, I have to go out tomorrow,You go back first,Come to see me after thinking about it”Anonymous tone,Let Jianchen go back。
chapter Five:Finding the Dragon Vessel in Lingyun Cave(New book seeking collection and recommendation)
Early next morning,Wuming didn’t wait until Jianchen,Instead, the butler Fu Bo sent a letter。
Letter written by Jian Chen,With the letter came a sword,Hero sword。
“Revered Master
Master is on top,Shao’s disciple Jian Chen, look at the distance and worship,master,Tuer used to go out,Desperately captured by the Godless Absolute Palace,After being desperate, I planted a heart-to-heart mark on my body,Disturbance and loss of mind,Zeng poisoned the master,Fortunately, God blessed,The master’s magical skills have never been injured,The disciple returns toss and turn,Can’t sleep at night,I don’t know how to tell the master,What the master said to his disciples yesterday,Disciples,The disciple knows that the master has already known the truth,But I didn’t blame the criminals,I’ve been waiting for the disciple to admit his mistake。