The Wizards accepted the rebound,Lose a good game,But at this time, I can’t worry about it,Pacers quickly returned to defense,Wall turned away to speed up and wanted to score a layup,No need to find Bill now,He is enough!

At this moment,
Behind him suddenly a stormy sea surged,Flew towards Wall with teeth and claws,So fast and so fierce,There is no time and space for reaction at all,Seems to have been waiting here early,Waiting for his self-investment,Complete swallowing instantly!
It’s Paul·George!
Block again!
First372chapter Lore!Nine consecutive victories!
By the way, Xu Xuan did not expect pickled peppers to be so vigorous at critical moments,Two consecutive blocks!
Boost morale!
Too much morale!
Wall did not expect,By the time he thought about it, it was too late!
7Seconds,Enough to launch a wave of offensive!
Xu Xuan is at the forefront,Although there is no ball in hand,But not much,Xu Xuan just rushed through halftime,Hill’s pass is here!
“damn it,Slow down,Slow down,Wait for me!”