Three days later,Wuming led Lin Wu to the original place of the Demon Sect。

Ruined wall,Very dilapidated,Both Wuming and Lin Wu are familiar with the old place of Demon Sect,The nameless lives here because of Liansheng,Also fought here,The reason why this is like this is because of the nameless。
Lin Wu was originally a disciple of the Demon Sect head,It is the last generation of Sect Master of Demon Sect,Naturally familiar with the old place of the demon。
Came to the Demon Sect Hall gently and skillfully。
“He is inside?”Lin Wu asked。
“Yes,He was trapped in the hall by my sword”Anonymous。
“Lotus,I’m coming”The nameless voice is mighty,Incoming Hall。
“No sound,Because the voice of the trapped person cannot be heard”
Liansheng has been trapped here for nearly a year,He went from pain to despair in a year,From hunger to numbness,I even wanted to devour the corpses of the remaining people of the Demon Sect many times to satisfy my hunger,He warned himself over and over again,I meditate over and over again to control my mind,Don’t let yourself be overcome by hunger,Cannibalism after all,It’s beyond Liansheng’s bottom line。
Just when Liansheng is about to break the bottom line,Just when hunger is about to overcome oneself。
“Lotus,I’m coming”Voice came,Suddenly wake up Liansheng from the confusion。
“Ke Haoran”The light in Lotus’s eyes skyrocketed。
The kicking footsteps slowly spread to Liansheng’s ears。Liansheng frowned,Two people?
Wait until Wuming brings Lin Wu in,Found the lotus high platform,Baoxiang solemn,Although hungry and skinny,But the spirit is pretty good。
“You finally came”Liansheng smiled and said to Ke Haoran。
“I just came to see,Are you dead,I’ll lend you something by the way”Anonymous。
“What to borrow?Gourmet Dafa and the Lotus Flower”Wuming said to Lotus。