Tang Chen takes back the cover of the universe,Turned into streamer and turned to his forehead。

This thing is very easy to use,It contains the sense of the sea god,Several skills are very powerful。
“Someone is coming again,hide!”
“Tu Dun:The Art of Hidden Rock!”
Seven close to the rock,After a wave of ripples, it magically disappeared in place。
And at this moment,Ghost Douluo flashed through the forest with black smoke。
“It’s really hard,Frontal Chrysanthemum Douluo Chase,Search behind Ghost Douluo。”
Tang Chen’s figure reappeared,Pointing to the direction of Ghost Douluo。
If it’s not within the scope of Wuhun City,,He doesn’t mind fighting against Title Douluo。
The seven rushed towards Wuhun City,The goal is the Douluo Enshrine Hall outside the city。
The Papal Palace is more of a face,And Bibi Dong is currently not showing hostility。
Instead, those who worship the elders,Sent someone to hunt down,Is he being bullied??
“Li Xi,Open up!”
About five miles from the worship hall,Tang Chen found a secret place and stopped。