“Yes,Second elder,You have the best relationship with the elder,I should be able to predict it?”

The second elder of the Clear Sky School sighed silently“If the Qianyu Soul Guidance Device is not unexpected, it should be a Level 9 Soul Guidance Device.,After being attacked by the Great Elder’s eighth spirit ability, they were unscathed.,I’m afraid………”
Just as they talk,The Great Elder of the Clear Sky School was suspended in the air out of thin air,Looking down at Qianyu below, it is so solemn“Seventh Spirit Ability!The real body of the dragon!”
moment,Behind it, the dragon with a huge body has doubled again,It seems to have completely blocked the entire sky,Shocking power keeps emerging……
Ninth Spirit Ability!Feather Dragon Strike!
I saw the shape of the dragon behind him began to change,The body that was originally like a python gradually stood up,Subsequently,Two sturdy arms and two heavy thighs came out of his body.……
The flesh and blood of the back are constantly squirming,The huge dragon wings slowly stretch out,Golden light burst out all over……
Become a real dragon queen,Its attack power and defense power are several times stronger than before!
“Roar!”A huge dragon chant resounded through the entire Clear Sky School!
The disciple of the Clear Sky School below looks at the domineering and mighty divine dragon above,Shocked“Oh my god,That is the ninth spirit ability of the great elder,Feather Dragon Strike!It is said that you can make your dragon martial soul a real dragon for a short time!”
Another Haotianzong disciple swallowed,Out channel“Not only that,It is said that after the great elder used this spirit ability,Can actually compete head-on with a Super Douluo one level higher than himself!”
“That guy is miserable now!Actually angered the great elder to this point!Waiting to see his desperate expression being destroyed,Hahahaha!”
Xiao Yu stared at the sky“Transient into a true dragon form??”
His tenth-level defensive soul guide,While escaping the Holy Spirit,They are two level ninety-nine limit Douluo,Ye Xishui,Long Xiaoyao,A Level 98 Super Douluo,Use the ninth spirit ability together to defeat it instantly……
Want to resist this trick,Shouldn’t be difficult……“