Carlos explained。

“How could it be meaningless,Let’s hold on for one more day,More people will be rescued……”
Carlos interrupted Garithus,It also aroused the curiosity of Lordaeron soldiers who were watching around。
“Correct one of your cognitive errors。”
Carlos gave a confident smile,Very infectious。
“On strength,Our alliance still has an absolute advantage。In Arathi,I have an army of 70,000,As long as Uther is not a fool,Climb now to Menethil Harbor。Just integrate power,Those undead are not our opponents at all。”
Carlos’s rhetoric is very encouraging,But Garithus is the honest boy after all。
“But does this conflict with our abandoning barriers??”
First751chapter I predicted your prediction
“But does this conflict with our adherence to barriers??”
Garithus’ problem is also a puzzle for most of the team。
This out-and-out Lundaron army couldn’t understand why Carlos gave up the only strategic place east of Lordaeron.。
After all, the undead natural disaster,Mobile nightmare,To fight against a vast number of bones in a sudden disaster,Many soldiers will not be able to adapt for a while。
So in terms of psychological expectations,Most people tend to use strong fortifications at the barrier gate to fend off the enemy。
But what can Carlos do?
Be a big prophet and tell everyone that Dalaran cannot be kept,Alsace will lead East Turkistan to the north to defeat Quel Silas?