Mo Xiaosheng turned his head and took a look,I found it was a man in his 30s,It seems that he knows himself,But I don’t have much impression of him in my mind。

“President Mo,You don’t remember me?You are such a nobleman, how forgetful you are,I’m the manager of Quansheng Department Store,My name is Bai Wei!”The man quickly introduced himself to Mo Xiaosheng。
After what he said,Mo Xiaosheng suddenly realized,Hurriedly:“Oh,He is the son of Director Bai of the Food and Drug Administration!”
Mo Xiaosheng just remembered,Bai Wei came here last time to sign the overlord contract,Just hit Jiao Yuan,As a result, Jiao Yuan called his Laozi Baichengye,Fixed him severely。
“Not bad,It’s me! It’s me,President Mo,I was looking for you,I didn’t expect that you happened to be there today,Great!”Bai Wei’s face is quite excited。
“Find me?”Mo Xiaosheng was a little surprised,I don’t seem to have contacted him before。
“Correct,Walk around,Come in and say。”Bai Wei quickly pulled Mo Xiaosheng into the meeting room,At the same time instructed an employee to say,“Call you Mr. Bai。”
After a while,Bai Xue came in,Smile:“White manager,How come you have time to come to us?”
“Of course it’s about business!”
Bai Wei leaned back on the chair,Said grievingly。
“how,Is Quansheng going to increase its purchase??”Bai Xue suddenly became interested。
“Is not,In my name to discuss business with you。”Bai Wei smiled,There was a trace of evil in his eyes,“I plan to personally,Buy 10% of your company。”
“so much?”