His voice fell off,Mo Xiaosheng, who was a few meters away from him, suddenly stood in front of him.,He was shocked,Before he could react,Mo Xiaosheng’s hand suddenly grabbed out like lightning,Grabbed his neck。

Nangong Yunxi trembled violently,Suddenly I felt like a hard steel bar was tied around my neck,I suddenly had difficulty breathing,He stretched out his hand and grabbed Mo Xiaosheng’s arm,Pulled it hard,But Mo Xiaosheng’s arms are like solid stone carvings。
Nangong Yunxi suddenly felt extremely difficult to breathe,Mouth suddenly opened,I really want to say to Mo Xiaosheng,But he can only open his mouth,But can’t say anything。
And Mo Xiaosheng’s face is as sinking as water,There seems to be a hint of chill and disdain in the deep eyes。
For this look,Nangong Yunxi is very familiar,Because this look is what he often shows to others,I didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng to show it to him today!
Nangong Yunxi’s eyes opened instantly,Frightened and horrified,I don’t know if it’s because of suffocation or fear,She trembled like chaff,And his just now,The impossibility of God has become a sharp contrast!
“You can trample me to death anytime?Then you step on it now!”Mo Xiaosheng squinted,A gleam in the eyes,The voice is extremely cold。
he knows,Because of my low-key、Tolerant is too strong,So that these big families in the capital,Don’t take him seriously!
A Nangong Yunxi,Also worthy of being compared with him?
Looking at Mo Xiaosheng Senhan’s eyes,A trace of panic flashed in Nangong Yunxi’s eyes,Mouth wide open,Almost suffocated,Where are you still talking?,Quickly patted Mo Xiaosheng’s arm,Obviously it is soft。
“how?Young Master Nangong,Are you begging me for mercy??”Mo Xiaosheng raised his eyebrows。
Nangong Yunxi was so suffocated that she was rolling her eyes,Immediately nodded vigorously。
Mo Xiaosheng can really choke him to death,Snorted coldly,Then let go。
Nangong Yunxi immediately covered her chest,I coughed hard with my head down,Gasping,I feel like I’m walking around a ghost door。
“Young Master Nangong?”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Lightly,“Now please tell me,Who is the bug?”
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