Did not sleep enough at night,Slept on the plane。

Wait till wake up,The plane has arrived at the airport in Pengcheng。
The company sent someone to pick you up。
Ye Wenwen is already learning to drive,But I haven’t got a driver’s license,But the company has bought two special cars,Also hired a full-time driver。
Two special cars,One is a seven-seater van,That is basically for the crew。
The other one is Big Ben,Of course it’s for the company’s leading figures。
The company’s top man,Including three contracted artists,Including company president Qu Waner and director Liu Qing。
I can’t let them take part in various activities in a van。
At least there will be some face。
Two cars,But only one。
Because I don’t have much time to leave the car,currently,One driver is enough。
But there needs to be such a full-time driver in。
The car drove directly to Fang Hao’s villa in Pearl Garden。
It was already afternoon at that time。
Qu Wan’er didn’t sleep well on the plane,After going back, I threw myself to bed。