Several other factories in the same industrial park,Actually the business status is not very good,Is trying to support。

But after knowing that it was planned as a high-tech industrial park,All of a sudden it’s like a chicken blood,Become motivated。
Even now there are some losses,They don’t care anymore。
It doesn’t matter if the factory is not run well,There are so many plots on hand,Be able to sell the land,You can make a fortune。
The factory that has been sold still stands there,But it will be removed soon,Then bring some new factories,There will even be office buildings、school、The existence of supermarkets。
“The future development here should be pretty okay。”Butterfly Man
Gu Mu and Fang Hao stood on a high ground,Overlooking the planned high-tech industrial park,Fang Hao said:
“During this period of time, our Jinshan Investment Company contacted dozens of partners,More than a dozen companies have shown interest,Will invest and set up a factory here,Each is an investment of hundreds of millions,There is even a billion-level investment。Their joining,Will soon be able to support the shelf of this high-tech industrial park,Attract more investors。”
Fang Hao was a little surprised:“So much investment?”
Gu Mudao:“Think about the background of the shareholders of Jinshan Mining,It won’t be weird。”
“The development potential of this place,Are they willing to invest so much??”Fang Hao felt it was not so understandable。
There are no unique resources here,Even the transportation is not so developed,Not to mention in the whole country,There is not much potential in the province。
This high-tech industrial park has not yet started construction,There are already so many companies willing to invest,Makes him think there is still something incredible。
——Isn’t the money of those companies not money??Can you throw it there??
Gu Mu smiled:“This place has no potential for development,They are not investing in the development potential here,Some are to sell me face,Take a little investment and come to me to ask for favor,Deepen future cooperation。Some like me,The investment is the person leading the project,Invest in his future。Their money is not their own money,Use other people’s money to become your own network resource,What can’t?”