In fact, in Huang Lei’s opinion, this time is meant to let her toss herself,Mainly because of the special obsession of this woman,As long as she decides things, no one seems to be able to change。

This is the main reason why Huang Lei cannot communicate with him at this time.,Just let the chick go toss,It’s not necessarily a bad thing anyway,In case it really makes her toss success?
The little girl nodded and left with confidence,I was a little silly when I left,What are you still talking about?,How to write a check, etc.,Talk a lot of things,Huang Lei was helpless when he heard this,Don’t know what to say。
I feel that the little girl is a little demented,Still thinking about this aspect at this time。
Obviously impossible,It seems to the little girl that it is really the same thing。
This makes Huang Lei somewhat helpless,But he also hopes that the little girl can succeed,In this way, it is equivalent to opening a new world inside。
Huang Lei still thinks this possibility is relatively low,Games are created by game makers,The world inside is added or reduced by the maker of the game,Is a kind of data,Is a piece of code。
Include mode,And charactersNPCeverything,Everything,You need to pass them to make changes。
If an ordinary person can change the whole situation after entering,Then there may be some other information in it,Some Huang Lei don’t know how to explain,Something that really exists。
Huang Lei still thinks this possibility is relatively low,Not even exist,He hasn’t taken this matter to heart so far,If you have to say if you have any thoughts on these things,Huang Lei has,He also hopes all this will go smoothly,At least this is a good thing for him。
This is waiting for the same to open the first2World,Huang Lei is very curious2Existence of a world,If there really is,Do you think there will be more relevant information in it?。
Huang Lei is suddenly full of expectations。
This is the first2Heaven,Tomorrow is the time for the game,Huang Lei and the others held a party that night,Just to celebrate in advance for the next victory。
This is Huang Lei’s suggestion that Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai whose surname is Zhang Bai, celebrate in advance,And let them buy champagne and all kinds of celebration things,Including also invited a band。
Although not a star,Is also famous,The celebration party tonight is very colorful,Everyone had a great time,Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, also deliberately invited many friends,Including some friends who usually don’t even contact me are called。
To do it,That’s exactly what Huang Lei did like him,No matter who it is anyway,Even if there is no one, you have to invite someone over,You have to do this even if you spend money to ask someone to top up。
These specific reasons are not clear to Song Zhang Bai and Bai Song.,But I think it should be related to tomorrow’s game,They didn’t think too much,As long as Brother Huang Lei tells them to do,They do it,
Whether it’s Huang Lei, Song, and Zhang Bai’s Baidu, this evening,In your happiness,Basically the kind of ecstasy,From time to time to tease the beauties around you,From time to time to brag and drink beer with friends。
Chen An as one of the members,When I see here,Frowning all the time,He especially doesn’t like this kind of occasion,Especially everyone is playing here,Only when he is a bit out of place,You don’t know if it’s his own problem or someone else’s problem,He can’t play with these people,I always feel like an outsider,This also made him firm up his previous ideas。
After all, the truth is not that people in the same world barely play together,On the surface it seems to be the same thing,But in fact it’s not the same thing at all,There is nothing to say about this,Let’s just see step by step,Hope everything will get better。