Payton’s face on the other side is green。

“Will Kobe,What do you think of Payton’s performance in this game。”
“You and Payton have a lot of communication on the court,What are you talking about?”
“The gloves I bought last year,Doesn’t fit well。”
Payton dropped the microphone on the table,Leave angrily。
Chapter Ninety Two turmoil
San Jose, California,A middle-aged man is watching a webpage at his desk,A huge screen is a feature of the times。
“Snapped。”A newspaper was photographed in front of him。
“Whitman,what are you doing?”Middle-aged man was taken aback,Hold your eyes。
“Pierre!You have to look at this!”
“what is this?《This pair of gloves doesn’t fit》?”
“watch carefully!”
Lakers Rising Star,Kobe Bryant from Lauer Main High School,Won yesterday in the Lakers vs. Sonics game35Score5Backboard8Assist3Steal1Cap3Mistake,Lead the team117:102Beat the opponent。
This outstanding genius defender faces the challenge of glove Gary Payton,Make a strong response,Leading the team to continue to top the league。Payton gave the Houston Rockets second place in the West with a poor performance.。
Payton’s rhetoric before the game seemed to be a joke,The one who was sealed becomes himself,And was18Year-old talented rookie Kobe ate countless balls face to face。
Kobe has attracted a lot of popularity with a series of wonderful performances,You know this is the first year of his career,He still has endless room for growth。
We are totally worth looking forward to the rising stars of an alliance。