Many people may not believe it,But this is the truth。

“It’s not that the more money you spend, the better。”
Xu Xuan waved his hand,I don’t care too much about this。
If anyone spends more money, the better,No need to fight then,Several super giants go together like this,The salary will come up naturally。
Frank came early today,When Xu Xuan arrives,He has arrived,Began to order the assistant coaches to start preparing。
“Xu,You came。”Frank said hello to Xu Xuan。
He is busy now,Wake up early every day,Sleep late。
no way,The head coach of a new team is not that good,He needs to be familiar with many, many things。
“Ok,”Xu Xuan agreed,Then I looked at the arrangement of the assistant coaches,Raised eyebrows:“Today is going to be a rivalry?”
“Yes,”Frank agreed,Then raised the side report in his hand:“Body side data has come out,I think it’s not comprehensive enough,Why not have a match,So I can understand them better。”
Xu Xuan nodded。
He also agrees to get familiar with the players in this way。
Talking here,Soon,The Lakers players walked into the training hall one after another。
Mozgov and Clarkson are gone,The Lakers lineup looks more reasonable。
Point guard:Xu Xuan、Louis·Williams、Marcelo·Hertas
Shooting guard:Nick·Yang、D’Angelo·Russell、Wesley·Matthews
Small forward:Ingram、Ci Shiping、Matt·Barnes
Power Forward:Julius·Randall、Larry·Nantes、Thomas·Robinson
Center forward:Zubac、Yi Jianlian、Tariq·Black