A new legend is rising!6Times40+,I believe it’s definitely not Kobe’s limit。Please focus on the Lakers’ next game,Because a rookie like Kobe,Definitely come out every ten years。

Miss this series of performances,We don’t know how long it will take to see the next rookie like Kobe。
Besides, Kobe’s40+journey,Is it over like this??The next game is their old friend Portland Trail Blazers,Fans can look forward to Kobe’s performance in this game。
————Los Angeles Times
《Kobe:Please call me Peter Pan,Not Wonder Boy》
After finishing facing the same class3Number show,Sherif-Abdou-After Raheem’s worldwide attention。Kobe finally accepted our interview after the game。
Speaking of the final dunk,Kobe said he should fly higher,So I won’t knock Rahim down。He was sorry for knocking Raheem down,This is not his intention。
According to the team’s internal staff,Sherif-Abdou-Raheem was not injured,Although he returned to the locker room,Did not play in the fourth quarter,But the team doctor said Raheem’s fall was not a major problem。Just fell into a trance after the game,Brian of the Grizzlies-Coach Winters advised Raheem to see the doctor。
Kobe announced his registration for this year’s slam dunk contest,He said he has prepared a lot of moves for the slam dunk contest,He will surprise everyone。
At the same time he appealed to everyone,Don’t call him Wonder Boy anymoreMAGIC BOYUp,This nickname sounds like a kid who has become a magician。He gave himself a new nickname‘Peter Pan’。
How about this nickname?Do you support this nickname?Please send a return receipt to feedback your views。
————Daily Los Angeles
《Lakers’ King Bomb,Is it the biggest rival of the Chicago Bulls to win the championship??》
Leading his own bull in Michael Jordan95-96Won the season72After winning,Everyone knows that this bull is the strongest in history。They did not disappoint everyone and swept their opponents all the way,Won Jordan’s fourth championship trophy。
This year’s Chicago Bulls maintained72All teams who won the championship,Even signed Chief Robert Parrish on the inside。The team up and down think that the championship is in their pocket。
If Jordan wins the fifth championship,Then his achievements must surpass Magic Johnson,Become the first person in history on the back line。
The alliance up and down will not tolerate this happening,Houston put together a Big Three lineup,The Sonics saved the entire team of the Western Conference champions,The Jazz duo played the most perfect pick and roll tactics,Grant Hill, Jordan’s successor, also played Jordan’s performance at the same level in his early years, etc.。
But the Los Angeles Lakers turned out to be the biggest spoiler,This is something no one thought of。Shaq O’Neal is not the only one who brings victory to the team,This game against the Grizzlies proved it。
Kobe wins43Minute7Backboard9Assist7Steal3Cap,O’Neal won41Minute24Backboard。