It is the neatly organized nine ten thousand year spirit rings!

Chen Xin can’t calm down anymore,Staring at Xu Sheng’s spirit ring in shock!
Astonished“what!!!This kid actually has nine spirit rings!Titled a strong Douluo level like himself!!!”
And the nine spirit rings he owns are all ten thousand year spirit rings!This terrifying spirit ring matching has far surpassed myself!
It is expected that no one in the entire continent can reach!
Chen Xin stretched out her hand to cover her dull chest,It feels a bit jammed,His calm mood for decades is beginning to shake today……
Secretly“How can this be!He is obviously only a child under fifteen,Actually reached Title Douluo!”
Xu Sheng looked at Chen Xin, who was burying his hair.,Knowing that he should have been stimulated by himself。
His performance just made him very upset,I will definitely not make him comfortable!
Naturally, I have to take this opportunity to fight against Chenxin。
After all, it took six or seventy years of cultivation to break through to Title Douluo.,I met a child who had reached the title Douluo at the age of nine。
This is not something that can be changed by hard work!But true talent!
Ever since……
Xu Sheng takes a step,Cold tone“Xu Sheng,Ninety One Title Douluo!Please enlighten me!!”
Chapter Thirty Seven war,Dusty!
Chenxin gradually calmed down,Raise your head slowly,In addition to the accidental killing of Xu Sheng, there are also a few other feelings in the eyes……
He drew up the Seven Kill Sword silently,Take care of yourself after clenching“Kid,Your name is Xu Sheng, right?I admit your talent is the first person I have ever met!He reached the level of Title Douluo when he was only a teenager……”
“If nothing unexpected happens,Wait for you for ten years,No one on the whole continent will be your opponent!”