“You pretend to meX,Don’t you just want to compete in front of the salesman named Fang Na?”Qiao Mao said,“but……Humanity is realistic!For your breath,I lost my life on impulse!But believe it or not,Fang Na won’t even look at you,I’ll even forget you soon!”

“but me——”Qiao Mao continued,“As long as I buy ten houses,Come out to protect her,Do you think the sales department will give me this face??Think about it,Do you think Fang Na would be grateful to me?,By the time……”
Speaking of which,Qiao Mao laughed wickedly:“By the time,I want to play that sales,Isn’t it a matter of hooking fingers??”
Qiao Mao told me a Chase,But what disappointed him was,Chu Yi still didn’t react at all,As if I didn’t hear him at all。
“Humph!”Ignored again and again,Qiao Mao finally can’t pretend,Like a wild dog that Xiang can’t find,Walked back to the sales department。
“Ah!Joker!”Chu Yi glanced at Qiao Mao,Sneer。
In his opinion,Qiao Mao is just a jumping clown。
As for what Qiao Mao said,Say to“play”Fang Na and the like,Chu Yi also sneered。
Wait a minute,Chu Yi contact Mr. Pan,After discussing the purchase,that……Fang Na will be in the capital compound“Performance King”!
By the time,Fang Na is in the company,Can definitely walk sideways!
I still need Qiao Mao to protect?
and so……
What Qiao Mao said,It’s all his wishful thinking。
“It’s a bit late today,It must be too late to buy a property!”Chu Yi thought about it,Towards him“Passat”Go,“Go back first!Call Mr. Pan again later,Make an appointment to have a good talk!”