“Are you OK!”Tianyu cares。

Lin Yan slowly got up and turned her back to her, wondering:“Why are you here?You should know that my brother died,Why not come out to save him,Why!”
“This…”Tian Yu lowered his head,She can indeed save Dika,But I don’t know why I saved him。
“We will never be possible,It will never be possible when my brother dies,Your name is Tianyu, right,Indefinitely!”Lin Yan hugged Dika and walked forward。
Just walked two steps and looked back at Tang San and said coldly:“starting today,You are all my enemies,I, Lin Yan, swear to heaven,Don’t kill everyone in the Clear Sky School in this life,Wait for me, Tang San,I will let your friends die by your side one by one。”
“What’s coming for me,If you dare to move my friends, I will destroy your martial arts palace!”Tang San also said angrily。
Lin Yan shocked and sneered:“OK,Then see who succeeds first!”
Tianyu behind him has already burst into tears,I can’t let go of my hand in mid-air。
“Ugh,Yuer, come back,If you are destined, you will meet,Don’t look for him now。”
At this time, Qingsong’s words rang in Tianyu’s mind,Tian Yu slowly put down his hand,Turn around and look at Titan with cold eyes。
With a wave of Titan into nothingness,This scene stunned Tang and his son。
“Titan!”The two shouted,But I dare not do anything to Tianyu,She made them feel nothingness。
Tian Yu couldn’t bear to look at Lin Yan who was going away,I slowly closed my eyes and disappeared in place,And Lin Yan didn’t know what happened next,Holding the bodies of Dika and walking away,Every step of the way, a powerful murderous aura bursts out,I’m full of what Dika said before。
It started to rain in the sky,Looks extremely sad,Lin Yan burst into tears,All my brains are the vows of the three people。
“Big brother,From now on, my friend and I will protect you!”
“Do not seek common life but seek common death!”