“I really can’t help it,Uncle’s calf bruised badly,More than half of the flesh is gone,Muscle tissue and skin tissue are all necrotic,Must have high amputation,Otherwise, gangrene of the thigh will be implicated next,And cause other high-risk symptoms。”Zhong Fan shook his head slightly,Say one five ten ten。

In this case,There is no other way except amputation。
“what?To amputate?!”When the holly on the side heard this, his face suddenly changed,I grabbed the form in Qiao Yiyi’s hand and looked at it,Tears burst out again。
She turned around and grabbed Zhong Fan’s hand,Pleading with tears:“Doctors,Please,Please,Think of a solution,If this is to cut off the leg,How can he live the rest of his life?,He is only over 50 years old。”
“aunt,I really tried my best,If the limb is not amputated as soon as possible,Situation could be more dangerous。”Zhong Fan holds Holly’s hand,Whispered。
“Think of a solution,I beg you,I kowtow to you!”Holly said that he would kneel down when his legs bend。
She can’t imagine what would happen to the old man who has always been strong without a leg,I guess it’s worse than killing him。
“mom,What are you doing!”
Qiao Yiyi wiped away tears,Rushed over and took Holly’s arm,Didn’t let her kneel down。
Zhong Fan hurriedly grabbed Holly,Explained:“aunt,Uncle’s situation,Even the gods can’t help it,I really can’t do anything。”
“Can i go in and have a look?”
Mo Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment,Suddenly spoke。
First0117Chapter no in case
Zhong Fan glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Smile gently,With an apologetic smile on his face,
“Sorry,Our hospital has regulations,People cannot enter the operating room casually。”
In fact, he sneered inwardly,When this is your home,Go in and see if you want。
“Doctor Zhong,My husband is also a doctor,Hope you can make it easy,And I want to go in and have a look,If my dad’s situation is as serious as you said,I am willing to sign。”Qiao Yiyi tried her best to endure the sad emotions in her heart,Said with a choked voice。
“Yiyi,Can not do it,I can’t amputate your dad’s limb,You don’t know his temperament,Didn’t you let him die??!”Holly hurried over and grabbed Qiao Yiyi’s hand,Said in pain。
“mom,If the situation is as serious as Dr. Zhong said,Without amputation,That’s what caused my dad to die!”Qiao Yiyi cried and explained to her mother,Holly doesn’t know medicine,Don’t know the seriousness。