“What weapon do you use?!”

Jack turned around****,Took a breath,Then I glanced at Yueren Wang,Seeing that the king of Yueren is empty in his hands,Can’t help but frown,Curiously asked。
“No weapons needed,Deal with you,Bare-handed is enough!”
There is no expression on Yuerenwang’s face,Said in a very flat tone。
Everyone couldn’t help but change their faces,Li Qianhui, Wang Xuan and others turned their heads and looked at each other,Full of surprise,My heart hangs up,I think Yuerenwang is a little big。
But Li Zhen held his head high,Smiling,A confident look。
“Haha……All of your Chinese martial artists have the same characteristic,Just brag!”
Jack laughed haha when he heard the words of King Yue,“The few Chinese martial arts masters I killed before,They also said the same before the shot,But when I shot the bullet into their head,They can’t speak big words anymore!”
Jack said that his face suddenly sank,Both eyes coldly look towards King Yue,Whispered,“you,not excluded!”
“Be careful!”
After Mo Xiaosheng noticed the little movement on Jack’s hand,His complexion changed suddenly,Hurriedly reminded the king of Yue。
But he said it too late,Just as he yelled out this,Jack has pulled the trigger!
As a sharpshooter,Jack naturally developed a good technique of shooting in the waist and abdomen.,After all, professional sharpshooters like them are fighting guns,There is no time to raise the gun at all,They took the gun out of the waist and turned it around,Then fired quickly at the waist,It’s the time difference!
And he just talked to Yuerenwang,Obviously distracting Yuerenwang,And he took the opportunity to open the insurance,Adjusted the position of the muzzle,Taking advantage of Yueren Wang,Pull the trigger without hesitation!