A book by a Chinese writer,May sell well abroad。

But it’s selling well for this kind,That is absolutely unprecedented!
Don’t go back and read it,I’m sorry for the thousands of enthusiastic fans waiting in line!
First90chapter These crazy people!(Three shifts)
Received the library card,Looking at the pencil sketch of my portrait behind,I know the sustenance that represents the man’s tree,I remembered the bits and pieces of getting along,But connected“like”Never said,Heaven and man are separated forever……
Think of all this,The female Fang Shu smiled shyly at the younger students,But he covered his mouth again,Sobbing softly。
at this moment,The picture freezes。
Immediately the screen turns black,Subtitles began to appear。
The soft projection hall lights are also lit up。
That familiar song also rang again。
“Who married the sentimental you,Who read your diary……”
Zhu Mei tilted her head to look at Zheng Rongrong,I found her motionless watching the movie screen with subtitles,There seems to be a sparkle in the eyes。
Except for Shen Huan’s slightly green singing voice,There is no other voice in the cinema。
Seems a little silent。
The crew members looked at each other,I don’t know what this situation is。