Remember the intersection between the original and Dugu Fengyun,He couldn’t help but sighed slightly,Emotion。

When Dugu Fengyun died,He doesn’t believe it at all,Who is Dugu Fengyun?,How can you say that you die?,If it weren’t for the official statement from China,,He would never believe it,But what he never expected was,Such a big country with great status in the world like China can deceive people.,So annoying!
Fukuyama rubbed his neck and slowly climbed onto the chair and sat down,Said while holding his face:“I suspect that Dugu Fengyun can solve the poison,Related to Mo Xiaosheng,After all, he is now a famous genius doctor in Chinese medicine,And the captain of the dark sting team who was also poisoned some time ago,It is said that Mo Xiaosheng was treated by him!”
“I can’t speak my mind!”
Tokugawa snorted,Said,“How old was Mo Xiaosheng ten years ago,How to treat Dugu Fengyun?He has only become famous in Beijing more than a year ago!”
“I don’t know why……”
Fukuyama frowned and wondered。
“Mo Xiaosheng, Mo Xiaosheng,I didn’t expect you to be from the MI Department!”
Tokugawa stood at the window looking out the window,Hate said,“The shame you gave me today,From now on i……I……”
He wanted to say that he would double it back in the future,But when I think of the MI,Thinking of Dugu Fengyun,His aura was immediately reduced by more than half。
Fukuyama seems to see that Tokugawa’s concerns are coming,Sighed lightly,Said:“This Mo Xiaosheng turned out to be a major in the Military Intelligence Department,It’s really hard to touch him now!”
“You can’t move him anymore,This kid is in the Military Intelligence Department,For the MI Department,It’s definitely even more powerful!”
Tokugawa said bitterly,“Who the hell is this little bastard?,Even Hu Fan and other high-level officials don’t understand‘Rigid body’,He knows everything!If not for him,Hattori can definitely fool Hu Fan and the others!”