He is also a little scared,Even him,I can’t resist the power of Qu Hun Ling,He has never heard of anyone who doesn’t change his face in the face of Qu Hunling,Now I really see。

In the cell,Lu Li has fallen asleep。
Chen Feng’s men broke Lu Li’s chains,And took him away from the tunnel。These things are going on quietly,No one is aware of by any outsider。
When Lu Li wakes up,It’s already the second day。
His body aches,Can’t beat up。Recalling the punishment suffered yesterday。Lu Li just clenched his fists,An angry murderous look in his eyes。
The silver soul bell made him feel terrified,The bell is not only very harsh,And it stimulates deep inside,Stimulate all the negative energy hidden deep。
Really defeated him,It’s not a physical pain,But from mental and inner torture。
But at that time,Wen Lihai helped escape。
He absorbed the memory of Wen Lihai,Wen Lihai has formed a second personality in his body。During this period of time, Wen Lihai’s memories are constantly reappearing,His second personality has become more and more independent。
Lu Li picked up the phone to check the time,He promised Wen Lihai to return to the south to visit his wife and daughter,The ticket he booked is tomorrow afternoon,But there are still some things left in the school。
He got up with difficulty,Stretch the body,After doing some simple exercises,Lu Li’s body fatigue slowly subsided。He closed his eyes and slowly felt,Suddenly discovered that his current supernatural ability has become a lot stronger。
Although Lu Li was very surprised,But he is in a dangerous situation right now,I don’t know how many lurking enemies in another world,Only powerful,To survive。
He finished washing,After finishing the dress,Go to school immediately。
on the way,Lu Li passed through the bustling working crowd,The desire of all,Thought in his supernatural power,At a glance。Now he can feel a wider range,And also more precise。
But at this moment,Lu Li suddenly noticed a familiar flame of desire behind him。That flame is very unique,Same as Chen Feng’s,They are from the same organization,Should be one of Chen Feng’s men。And at this moment,That person should be following him in secret。
If he used to,Basically aware of the fire of desire,But now Lu Li’s abilities have improved a lot again,Even if the person follows far behind,Lu Li can also detect the fire of desire。
Lu Li walks as usual,But when he passed the intersection,Suddenly turned,Walk down a long walk。This street is very narrow,And almost no one in the morning。