Constantly raising the image of Shen Huan,Use of his brand awareness,Can also be fully implemented。

therefore,These vice presidents rushed to China in person,I want to discuss with Shen Huan about the next specific cooperation method。
Even if Shen Huan told them,I only play the playoffs for one season,That doesn’t matter。
Fans who live in anticipation,It’s impossible to forget Shen Huan this year。
The Lakers are doing well,They will think of Shen Huan’s words,Will the grade be better。
The Lakers are not doing well,They will even think of Shen Huan,The achievement is definitely not what it is now。
James is doing well,People will compare him with Shen Huan。
Durant behaving badly,People will compare him with Shen Huan。
Curry’s three-point shooting percentage has increased or decreased,Shen Huan has this mountain standing there,Waiting for him to compare。
All of the above,Are all facts about to happen。
AsNBAThe most dominant and powerful superstar in history,Shen Huan is not in the arena,Jianghu never ignored him。
Especially when people really want to play the playoffs,That is more worthy of discussion and expectation。
The topic is so high,There is no second person。
And with such a high degree of topicality and popularity,For a brand,Isn’t it the best advertising??
Countless basketball fans,Even fans who are not very iron,Will be in the next season,News accompanied by Shen Huan,See the advertisements of these international brands。
This for a company,Is the best sales opportunity!
Shen Huan also understands this truth。