Don’t look at that8Days seem to be fruitless,But in fact it is really rewarding,It’s just that everyone’s harvest is different,Some people are the harvest of their determination,Some people are the harvest of their own strength,Some people are gaining their survival ability, etc.。

Similar to iron fence and Huang Lei,In fact, they are more always firm,Also has a more combative energy。
Both of them like challenging things,The nonchallenging rebellion is not very interesting,Just like now,The harder this guy’s mouth is, the better,This is a challenge for them,After all, both of them are thinking about how to let each other let go。
“Are you going to say what good is it for you not to say,Don’t you know you have been caught by us now?I will send you to the police station to see what to do?”
Song, whose surname is Song, said with a certain atmosphere, it’s a threat, right?,His threat really didn’t play any role,The other party doesn’t eat this set at all,It’s just that Song whose surname is Song is the same as Zhang Bai’s Bai,For these two people, it doesn’t look at all,So Huang Lei feels helpless,Too tough on the way,It’s not good to be tough to this level,Even if two people know what’s going on,Tie Lan and Huang Lei didn’t say much about this,Mainly because I don’t think it is necessary,Moreover,Even if it is necessary,It’s not worth having any opinions and opinions on these things at this time.。
Since Song, whose surname is Song, took the initiative to question,Then let this guy behave well,This can be regarded as a test and exercise for him,If this guy doesn’t even have this ability,Then it really makes people feel sad and headache。
“Hey,I can’t think your mouth is really hard,I spoke like this,You are still indifferent to what I said,Whose mouth is a good thing,After all, this means you are a very powerful person,It’s considered loyal,Have you ever thought that this will ruin your life,Do you really want to see this scene??Is there nothing worth keeping you lingering?”
The surname Song Zi thinks that there is no problem with this kind of cross-examination,He has already hit the opponent,Use this method to make the other person think about those who make him think about it,Something he is worried about,He should know this time,Be lenient,Strict resistance,Otherwise, what awaits him will be torture,There are also various life imprisonment, etc.,Anyway, the other party should start to be afraid at this moment。
Then when he found that the guy in front of him was indifferent,Nothing,Like when I didn’t hear,He knew he seemed to be wrong。
Originally,He thought he,This time it will definitely let the other party relax,It’s just that it’s really not the same thing now,The other party didn’t put him in the eyes at all,This makes Song, whose surname is Song, feel very bad。
“I seem to be too good to talk,So far you still haven’t put me in your eyes, very good, very good,I like people like you,After all, special and special,Confident in these things,I appreciate you a lot to me,Appreciation doesn’t work,You have to tell me your value,I won’t keep you if you are worthless,I will send you away,From now on your life will be dark。”
He thinks this time he should be nagging with each other,Let the other party know where the error is,Don’t offend him no matter what,Otherwise it’s him who can’t eat。
After he said all this, he realized that the person in front of him still didn’t take him seriously,He is not in a beautiful mood at this time。。
Originally,The hard work is to make the other party look at him with admiration at this time,But it didn’t play any role,On the contrary, it got the contempt of the other party。
“OK,Since you don’t say it, forget it,Pull you down,Anyway, any pain I will suffer from chasing after all,You asked for it……”
Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Seven Don’t waste time
“You have to remember,We didn’t do anything to you,You don’t cherish opportunities,In the end, it was the last bad luck,That’s your own problem, know?”
“But don’t complain about this kind of thing,Or what do you say about this kind of thing?,I think this is a very hate and dislike behavior。”