Seeing this, Li Chenfeng also shook his head secretly,“Unexpectedly, this famous girl named Feiyan of Zhao Guo turned out to be Prince Zhao Jia’s person,No wonder you want to retreat behind the scenes。Just look at her deep roots in love,I just don’t know if it’s a person……”

He doesn’t know what Zhao Jia is like,I only know that the Prince Zhao is already in a dire situation,Now the other party draws to himself,Just to find foreign aid。
In this case,This girl Feiyan followed him,I don’t know that there will be a good result in the end。
“Feng Xiandi,What do you think of Miss Feiyan?”
After the ceremony,Zhao Jia didn’t look at the two women again,Instead, he said directly to Li Chenfeng。
“Ok?”Li Chenfeng looked over in surprise。
This is really surprised。
Is it true that my previous speculations were wrong?This Feiyan is not from Prince Zhao?
But when Li Chenfeng turned his head and looked over,I found Feiyan who was standing there listened to him,A pretty face turned pale in an instant,The whole person is struck by lightning,Stupid there。
Maybe I felt Li Chenfeng’s gaze,She quickly lowered her head,For fear of being seen by the two,It’s just that the trembling body still shows her mood at this time。
Seeing Li Chenfeng here, I still don’t understand what happened,When I look at Zhao Jia again,I have taken a little contempt in my heart。
“艹!To win others with her own woman as a gift,You are really not afraid to put a hat on yourself!”
of course,In Zhao Jia’s heart,Just a woman in the dust,Isn’t it normal to give someone away??
And this practice is common among the various nobles in the Warring States Period.。
However, Li Chenfeng still feels that this kind of thing of giving away his own woman as a gift is very disgusting。and,You only give Feiyan but not Snow Girl,Do you want to save the new one for yourself??
What do you think of Laozi?
Thought of here,Li Chenfeng’s mind changed,Then looked at Feiyan, who was still looking down and hiding his painful expression,And the snow girl who panicked beside her,Tao:“These two women have the look of a country and city,Otherworldly,Dance art is the best in the world,Is the rarest and most beautiful dancer in the world。
See you today,The wind is really amazing,I don’t know if Brother Jiawang can cut love,Give my brother a chance to kiss Fangze?”