But Boston is still difficult!

Suppose the two teams are now on a par,You win to the end,I win to the end,The Pacers, not the Celtics, will make the playoffs in the end!
Because in terms of the difference between the two sides in the regular season,Walker3ratio1Take the initiative firmly!
“but.Still can’t be careless
Even with a 95% success rate,It is close to zero after rounding
Besides, how can it be so easy to win in the end??”
Xu Xuan thought seriously,I still can’t relax my guard,Because the enemy did not relax,They can’t relax!
4month12,Pacers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder。
at the same time,Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers。
The schedule on both sides is basically the same!
but.After seeing the lineup sent by the Cavaliers,,Pacers fans are impatient。
“What the hell?The Big Three did not come?”
“Ah!Don’t talk about the Big Three,EvenJRNever came.”
“I heard it was sick?Still sick together.”
“FAK!How could such a coincidence happen?ThisTMMing played my Dayin City,Obviously these guys are pretty good the day before yesterday,Got sick on this day?”
“Report!Report!There are actors here!!”
Of course I said so,The Cavaliers did nothing to do with the actors,After all, it has been confirmed to enter the playoffs like this,Even the teams that have determined the second place generally choose to let the main players in the final stage of the regular season“Reasonable rotation”,this isNBAThe official default。
and so,This is not an actor,I can only say that the Celtics are lucky.