at this time——

Suddenly someone slammed on the accelerator,Then a sudden brake。
A big car stopped beside Chu Yi and the others。
Big Ben up,Walked down a figure that was a little flowing。
Su Zimo couldn’t help frowning slightly——She doesn’t like this kind of flowing strangers very much。
Lin Jiameng took the initiative to greet her:“what?Strong brother,You got a new car?”
“AEMercedes-Benz,Nothing!”The strong brother said obviously。
“Brother Qiang, you are so humble!Big Ben!Not a big deal?”Lin Jiameng said kindly,Then he looked at Chu Yi again,Said stingingly,“Unlike some people,Driving a broken car,Just show up everywhere!”
“Oh?”Brother Qiang glanced at Chu Yi’s car,There is also a bit of disdain on his face。
in fact,He deliberately slammed on the accelerator,Park the car aside,It obviously means showing off the new car。
“but……This Passat,Why does it seem a little strange?”Brother Qiang is slightly confused,But didn’t think too much——No matter how rich his imagination is,Never thought,The true value of the Passat parked in front of him!
“correct!”At this moment,Lin Jiameng said again,“Our strong brother,Still buying a house in the Haitang Garden opposite!”
“You bought a house opposite?”Chu Yi said in surprise。
The whole Begonia Garden,All his houses,The real estate certificates are all piled up in a cardboard box in his house!this“Strong brother”How did you buy the house?
Lin Jiameng didn’t hear what Chu Yi meant,I thought Chu Yi was enviously exclaiming。