“Count the opponents of Yaren carefully,I think no one is his threat!All of us,Cheer for him!”

“Ha ha,I feel weird,Obviously our brother Jiang Shiyu played the best、Break through yourself。Why are Japanese people so shameless,Have to say this award,It seems to be in their bag?”
“Japanese people are like bears,Like never seen the world!Don’t they know,《Gift in Room 7》Did it debut in our Tai Chi country??Speculation and performance of the role,Jiang Shiyu is obviously going to win!”
“The Japanese people are all active,We must also support Jiang Shiyu a lot,He is the best!Can’t be snatched away by Japanese people!”
Whether it’s private or in the media,Japanese benzene and Tai Chi country quarrel again。
If the opponent is someone else,But because of the hatred between the two countries,So this fight for the best supporting actor,Seems to have become more enlarged,The impact is very wide。
Chinese media and netizens,Means that he is very stable。
“Ok,Look at them,How crazy?Best video here、Best director、The best actor and the most seen actress didn’t say anything.!”
“Even if there is no prize, what happened??We have so many nominations,Is already an unprecedented victory,Let alone those previous results,Has proven《Gift in Room 7》Excellent!”
“Yes,Can’t be too optimistic,I think the Oscar nomination this time,I am afraid that the form is greater than the content,Our awards shouldn’t be the same as before。”
“I think so too,Maybe the best film has some hope,Oh,correct,The best original script is basically stable。”
“I think,We are on the best actress,Very potential!Look at the best actress candidates,Who can have our little princess so good?”
“I upstairs said that I couldn’t agree more!Yang Shu’s performance is definitely historical!Don’t you often say,Old man、Disabled、little girl,Is the easiest to get an Oscar award!Yang Shucai9Years old!”
“Kneeled upstairs,Common sense in martial arts got Oscar,There is no sense of violation at all!”