“You may not understand this one,After all, you were just an ordinary person before。”

“But don’t worry,I will teach you how to start the first practice。”
“But before that,I will pass on you first,Our Liyumen School’s introductory exercises and practice secrets。”
Finished saying this,From the body,Take out an introductory exercise book and hand it to Lin Yu。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Sanitation
Lin Yu who got the exercise,Just take a look,I’m speechless。
Because of this technique,It’s not even a beginner。
Can only say yes,Initial practice,It’s just an introduction on how to prepare。
But also,A sect that doesn’t even have a strong cultivation base in the late stage,Getting started,Even if it’s valuable,It’s not worth where to go。
“Look at the familiar things first,Wait for you to get familiar,Just tell me。”
To know,I watched it for three days,Only then can I understand the exercises。
Lin Yu,Although the roots are very good。
But no matter how good,It’s impossible to take this introductory exercise at a glance,I understand?