“Do not worry,I will manage the company well,You are here to take good care of the old lady。”Ai Chen nodded seriously。

Shen Luoluo didn’t think so much,Just head down,Nodded silently,Ai Chen looked at the time,It’s almost there,Left the hospital and went to the company。
And here,In a small town on the foreign border,There is a family,Exquisite small western house,People coming and going in the house,Constantly in and out。
To be precise,Doctors who come and go keep coming and going。
“Doctors,How is she?Why it’s been so long,Still no news?”
“Mr,Don’t worry,This lady has no life safety,It’s just that she still has a minor surgery to do,Because the plane fell,When the last explosion,Some debris from the plane pierced her body,Now we need to take those things out,Wait a moment。”The doctor explained seriously。
“Ok,Thank you,Thank you。”
Another hour passed,The doctors who came and went all stopped their work,The reason is,The lady lying on the bed,She is no longer in danger,I can wake up in about three or five hours。
“Mr,This young lady woke up in a few hours,Please wait patiently for a while,If there is anything else,We are downstairs,Just call us。”The doctor said。
“Ok,Thank you guys,You guys have a rest,I went in with her。”That man finished,I hurried in。
In the room,All the sheets and covers on the bed have been changed,Now it’s a clean bed sheet covered,And just below,Covered a girl,Delicate face,It makes people feel distressed without a trace of blood。
Fan Yi looked at the person on the bed,Sit next to her,Hold her hand tightly。
The plane accident,He is also on the plane,But he finally fell down,Fell directly into the water,He knew that Shen Mange was there,Later after landing,He was frantically looking for the whereabouts of Shen Mange on the shore。
But it’s okay,When he found Shen Mange,Shen Mange is still alive,He quickly took Shen Mange to the nearest town,Which is the town where they live now。
This is when he was investigating in this small town,I bought a small western house,It still works a bit now。
“Song,You wake up quickly。”Fan Yi took Shen Mange’s hand,Keep talking,Hope Shen Mange can wake up。
Lying on the bed,Shen Mange,Not as reported,No one survived,Shen Mange and Fan Yi are two exceptions。
Fan Yi fell into the water,When Shen Mange was found,Indeed alive,Shen Mange was brought here by Fan Yi,Have had surgery for nearly 20 hours,This saved Shen Mange’s life,so far so good。
“Song,I beg you,You must wake up。”Fan Yi keeps talking,Shen Mange felt that someone was always chanting his name in his ear,But the harder she tried to open her eyes,The more I can’t open my eyes。
Shen Mange is dreaming,While trying to open my eyes,Just struggling。