Sun Dahe said it all,No pay for this movie,Just take care of food and accommodation,Nothing else。

Schedule issues are easy to handle,I will make time for anything。
Highest pay3000Wan’s actor,Can have such a positive attitude,Can Zhu Mei not use it??
Not to mention this,Remuneration cost pressure has decreased sharply,One Sun Dahe alone can increase5000Million box office。
5A superstar with a actor in hand,The influence is so big!
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What does Zhu Mei think,Shen Huan knows very well。
Said before,Zhu Mei is different from the King of Sunglasses,She in some ways,Still take into account the cost of the producer,There will be a certain degree of compromise with the market。
Someone who doesn’t know how to compromise,It doesn’t exist at all。
The king of sunglasses in China,And the Coen brothers in Hollywood,In fact, they can be willful on many movies,But I will never be willful in all movies。
Occasionally, there are one or two dramas that show both market performance and reputation,Is a guarantee for their status。
otherwise,The boss who likes trophies,Faced with their huge losses and never compromised,Would you still like it??
So the actor participated,It’s very appropriate for Zhu Mei,It is also necessary。
“Not Teacher Xu。”Shen Huan’s leisurely way,“Aunt May,Do you think Guo Hanging can’t?”
“Guo Hang!?”
Zhu Mei was completely shocked,“Xiaohuan,You’re not kidding?”
Guo Hang is《love letter》Inside the protagonist’s friend Ye Mao’s actor,Also a student who graduated from Shanghai Opera,But after graduation3No filming for years,Then went to act4Drama of the year。