“Dong Yang,You are an internet genius,But the entertainment industry,You really don’t understand!”

“I laughed,Where’s his confidence,Dare to speak like this?”
“Also brings a new era?Is it a bad movie era??Look at the pretentious plot、Stiff performance、20Performance……All this makes me feel,Too horrified。”
“Yes,Especially we just watched《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》with《Love through time and space》After such an excellent TV series,Look again《Youth》,It’s like being fed a tuoxiang abruptly!”
“Didn’t Boss Yang tell me??Professionals still need to be done by professional people,You are not this material,Don’t come to the muddy water!”
“Who said no?Look at Teacher Chu,Has he been proud?Has he swelled?This is the real big shot!”
Look at these comments,Yang Kai was so angry that he yelled,Put on a trumpet and argue with others online。
But where is the simple little princess the opponent?
Defeated in twos and fives。
Then she can only call back sullenly,Comfort dad。
Unexpectedly,Yang Feng is in great condition,Not affected at all。
Boss Yang did not pay his salary for two months that year,Still a happy person every day。