So Zhang Xun stabbed his old friend He Wenzhong with his elbow.,“Lao He,Did you see?Today’s actors are so shameless?In order to climb the famous director,Dare to use any means!”

“Is not this nonsensical?”He Wenzhong also saw it,But he was very calm,“That’s it already!More monks and less porridge,In order to have a chance,They dare to do anything embarrassing!”
“Ha ha。”
Zhang Xun sneered,“If it’s in our place,This kid must be locked up!”
“You said it’s not our time now,Just rest。”He Wenzhong’s Lazy Way,“What you love me,What he sent by Xin Changkong is not a resource given by the country,But their company,What are you worried about?”
“Hey!You said such a good work,How did you meet this stinky boy??”Zhang Xun is still upset:“Both say that Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang are peerless geniuses,I don’t think they have a good vision!”
“This is a bit extreme。”He Wenzhongdao:“Shen Huan is an unborn mathematics genius、Basketball genius,This is universally recognized。As for Chu Liuxiang,Work for him——Write this,Don’t you think he is bad?”
He Wenzhong intercepted his words:“All right,Let’s stop complaining,Awards will start soon,Sit for four hours,Hold210,000 yuan home,Buy something for grandchildren,Isn’t that good?Why bother yourself?”
What he said,Zhang Xun just shut up angrily。
The award party started right after。
Hosting the party are four famous hosts from Huajing TV。
Two are more stable,Two young and lively。
It must be top-notch in terms of hosting skills,The best media university in China is in Huajing,Those students can’t enter China TV,It must be on HJTV。
So from the word Zhengtongyuan、Adaptable,They did a good job。
But it lacks a lot of entertainment factors——Even younger,I only dare to make a little joke,Far from being as crazy as the hosts of the Four Heavenly Kings。
One year down,About what shows and TV shows can tell,Actually everyone knows。
Compared with the performance of the actors,TV series and show ratings and influence,There is no excuse,Win is win。
《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Must be the biggest winner。
It’s no wonder that except for Teacher Chu Liuxiang,Almost all of them appeared。