Kyuubi opened his big mouth towards Ino,Swallow Ino directly into his mouth。

“Are you OK,Ino。”
Sasuke looked at Ino who was sluggish beside him and said。
“It should be the failure of ninjutsu,Caused Ino’s mental trauma.”Shikamaru’s body began to tremble,“Oops,I can’t hold on anymore.Everyone quickly get out!”
With Shikamaru’s voice falling,The demon fox man also roared like a beast,Break free of Shikamaru’s ninjutsu,Crimson steam drums continue to emerge from the demon fox man。
The demon fox man is lying on the ground,The leaked crimson chakra formed the shape of a fox。
“Monster Fox.It’s really a monster.”Shikamaru solemnly looked at the demon fox man lying on the ground and roaring like a wild beast.。
“The demon fox man should have lost his mind,Be careful everyone。”Sasuke stared at the demon fox and said,“Zoriana,Ino asks you to take care of it temporarily。”
The irrational demon fox man looks up to the sky and screams,Spray a tail beast jade towards everyone in front of you。
“Get away!”
One-tailed beast jade,Destroyed nearly one-tenth of the buildings in Konoha Village。
“Everyone okay。”Shikamaru looked around with lingering fears and said。
“Nothing.but,Ning Ci seems to have died in the attack of the demon fox man just now。”
Fauer’s jar holds Zoranna in her left hand,The sluggish Ino with his right hand said。
Shikamaru nodded,It is acceptable for him to die only one person in an attack of the kind just now。
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four Suzuo Nenghu bracelet
The entire Konoha Village has become a paradise for demon foxes。