“Final half31Minute,Please enjoy this performance!”

“Great player,Great performance。I don’t know what the current mentality of his opponent Lakers is.?”
“Young team,It’s easy to collapse to the end。Kobe has never experienced such a dilemma, right?,Hope he can stand up,Counterattack。After all, the future of NBA,Still belong to young people like Kobe Shaq。”
“Change!The Lakers have changed!”
“One shark, one subject, three shots!coming!Their strongest offensive system!This system ranks first in the league in scoring efficiency during the regular season!Swept the Sonics!”
“Although because Houston has an Olajuwon one pillar Optimus,The Lakers’ lineup does not have much effect on them,But now the bull is different!”
“O’Neal singles out Langley,Everyone knows what the result will be!Just give O’Neill enough space,Then the Bulls’ inside lane will be beaten!”
The second half started soon,Lakers adjust lineup,Soon there was an exclamation。
Here comes the killer!
The Lakers’ lineup is a killer move at critical moments!
Bulls ball rights,First ball,Pippen for the sake of safety,Or give it to Jordan。
Jordan singles out Bowen,Continuous turning and shaking,Then lean back,Drifting and throwing the ball in。
Michael Jordan feels the same!
“Michael this,I’m afraid it will break the record。”
“Not necessarily,Maybe the Lakers can’t hold on until he breaks the record。”
Kobe advances with the ball!
never give up!
Even if my opponent walks like a god,Even if the current score is already there13Points gap。
But Kobe has never been discouraged,Never give up is his style of play,Rising from the abyss is his belief。