Ultimate meaning:Bare feet!

JRAlmost knocked over。
At the moment of the conditioned reflection of the electric flint,JROut of the line of sight, he caught a glimpse of a peerless figure, swiftly passing to his left side,Like a tornado。
Hula la!
“Out of position。”
JR’S brain responded,Reflexively trying to reach out to stop Xu Xuan,But just raised my hand,I felt like I hit a truck head-on on my left shoulder,Whistling over,The whole world began to spin around。
JRDid not give up。
but,ShumperbyJRMore alert,inJRThe defense came up at the moment of losing position,JRAlso readjust the rhythm,Chased up。
The defense is still not broken!
“The ball is too stable!”Zhang Gongyi’s full praise:“It’s Xu Xuan,I have to lose this ball for another person。The difficulty factor of the action simply breaks through the sky。”
“But I still can’t make it,Pity,The Cavaliers are very defensive,JRThe joint defense with Shumpert is also very tacit,They may have considered a scene that would be passed by Xu Xuan,So the patch is very timely。”
“Did not receive the serve,George·Hill took it,No one in front of Hill.But Hill doesn’t seem to want to shoot。”
“Not much time,4second,3second,Hill is still hesitating!”Yu Jia explained loudly。
But just before his voice fell for a second。
Hill suddenly jumped up.