I heard Mo Xiaosheng mentioned Yin Er,Said another word,Also mentioned Duoli,Yueren Wang’s heart beats wildly,

Since Mo Xiaosheng said that,Mo Xiaosheng must have seen Yin’er。
“okay,Stop teasing you,Brother Yue!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head,Then shouted at the door,“Brother Li,come in!”
His voice fell off,Then the door of the ward was pushed open,Li Zhen smiled and walked in,And behind him is a small figure hiding。
Because Mingcheng wants to return the car to the military intelligence office,So after Mo Xiaosheng and the others got to the hospital,Mingcheng drove away,So only Li Zhen and Yin Er came in at this time。
Yuerenwang is a bit unclear, so,Turning his head suspiciously, looking towards the door,See that Li Zhen came in,I can’t help but wonder。
“Uncle Yue!”
At this moment a clear voice came,Then there was a small head poked out from behind Li Zhen,Looking at King Yue with a smile。
Yueren Wangxun prestige,After he sees the face he cares about day and night,Body trembled suddenly,Light and shadow flash in the eyes,Obviously some can’t believe my eyes!
“Yin……Yin Er?!”
Yueren**Hoarse,A pair of emotionless eyes was suddenly filled with tears,Then he stretched out his trembling hands to Yin’er in front of him,The expressions are still full of unbelievable,Thought I was dreaming。
“Uncle Yue……”
Yin’er’s eyes flushed,Cried out,Pounced,Hugged Yuerenwang’s neck,Crying,“Uncle Yue,I miss you so much,Uncle Yue,I miss you so much……”