“The estimate of the assassination of Lin Feng that day is this death,Do not,It should be his avatar,Both people now account,We are not suitable for intervene.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs。

“This is also,Everything is troubled by our site.。”Pine noda:“correct,How do you see the so-called swearing??”
“I am still more optimistic about this market.。”Cangyou explained:“Democratic extension is not available,However?Halding Dasheng of the emperor?Diwei class?Even pseudoons,When the spirit is weak。”
“I also think about it.。”Pine noda:“They may not be able to pay,However, they always have Laozi.?”
“Ha ha,good,old,This is the same。”Cangwei laughs and laughs:“There are still many people in the gods.,And the key is that this thing is not in ten times.。”
“Recirculation,Profit rolling!”Cangzo is full of smile:“This time I can pick it up.。”
“good,Besides700for many years,Big Great Island Island,I have a grasp of this to make my merits.!”Cang, there is no two hands, proudly smiling:“I will take it myself.3000Big god gold dollar!”
“Worthless,How much price can you sell??”Cang pine smell 神:“Is it a bit too much??”
“not much!”
Cangnie has directly taken a single single:“I am calculating a bill.,For example, the temple is condensed out of the emperor,It is not necessary to buy a home.,But their old people have money,Directly hold this shovel gun to kill a half-steps。”
“More than one,This shot can use ten times!”Cangzine explanation:“Basically, you can earn a few tasks.。”
“good,It is exactly a stable sale that is not compensated.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs:“Let’s talk about people who don’t have a background.,But they should have friends.?Or two or three people buy one together,This shot is used,Also earn。”
“You are very accurate.。”Cocons smile。
“There are a lot of people such as the four major killers.,Save them first,Let them kill,For example, make a thousand poles,Some of the Dasheng of the Emperor,Half-step god。”Cangyou explained:“This is more sought after。”
“At that time, you can steadily upgrade the price.。”Cocons laughing:“And also propaganda,More people buying this more,Two of them,Prices soar!”
“This truth,Key how to promote,More people bought,We must learn limited,Let them buy。”Cangyou is full of smile:“Maybe our money is more than the money。”
“Now the problem is Lin Feng, if it is supplied to other houses??”Cocons suddenly。
“This is also the only place to worry。”Cang, I thought about it.:“so,This thing is coming back to him.,Details http://www.simier-shop.cn of specific cooperation must be clearly understood,Solve anything。”
“fair enough。”Pine noda:“Our big island is the best sales platform in the sky.,I think he will sign us an exclusive sales agreement.。”
“Eventuality,The 12th of the gods is buying here,Sell,Their road is also wide。”Cangyou shakes:“Can’t be slightly broken。”
“I know this.。”Cangzine 言 微 点:“We are also trying to help him find,It is better to sell it.,I always feel that he is never given to the family.。”
“This nature,Inquire about the news,The two of the people of others were detained in Tianlun.,I want to be atonestry, I must go to the devil abyss to find Northern God A。”Unhealthy road:“This ocean is 80% and this task is related。”
“Do you want to test the wind??”Pine road。
“No need to test,I don’t know this.,Trial is not good。”Cangyou http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn explained。
“OK then。”Pine noda。
“Besides,You go to the North Mo Shenge,This token is given to him.。”Cang, I took out a token.。
“Big god!”
Cang pine looked at this token slightly color。
This goddess is a token released by Dabao,This token is very expensive,It is the sound of the identity of Great Taoizhi.。
And people who hold the gods,Can spend on Great Island3Billion Golden Yuan,Of course, this big god gold must be on,Similar to the lower bound credit card,Otherwise, it will be traveled by the Great Island.,Blacklist。
Of course, the god island will be careful when it releases these token.,Generally, it is a great force.,Status respected,And itself has this claimant,In short, the conditions are more demanding。
Even,God,Some of the senolants such as the Mozu may not have。
“This person must http://www.ozmilk.cn make a good time,Send past,In addition, some people help will re-clean the Milay Codon.。”Cangwei laughs and laughs。
The calm son heard the voice and went away.。
Nantian Island West 10 million miles,A touch space appears,The owner of this shadow is the death,This is tense this,It’s like a bird of shooting.,In order to get rid of Lin Feng。
He covers the breath of the body,Differentiate the breath of the body to injection into those,Then let those who have escaped around。
“Go back to the temple,The things here are given to others!”Dirty mutter,His big hand tears the space again。