As a hand of a city,He is still understanding the majorities of these provinces.,Especially like a conver,Evil Dragon helps such top forces。
“So just,Secretary,The body of the comrades is there。”Lin Feng pointed to the dark tree in the distance。
Take a corpse under the tree,It is the body that crashes to the Heaven and south,Head is exploded,God is also difficult to save。
“Young……”Trend to the secretary to this corpse,He respected his body low。
Lin Feng sighed a sigh,Life is so fragile。
Then he sit on the ground on the ground.,The real gas consumed is too sharp.。
Until the night, cold and two tigers,Lin Feng stands up and looks at the two people.:“How to deal with?”
“Big brother,Have it all,As long as no one is leaking,This thing can not find out one week。”Two tigers nodded。
“That’s good。”Lin Feng Road:“Huang Mao,Give you Second Uncle,Let him pick secretary from the road,Don’t hide this here。”
“Ok。”Huang Ji nodded,I immediately took my mobile phone to my second uncle.,According to Lin Feng’s instructions,The things here have not hidden。
Huang Fengyu listens to this matter,Anxious,Go on:“Boy,Give your phone to the secretary。”
“OK!”Huang Mao immediately went to Tiannan。
“Secretary,I second uncle。”Huang Haixi。
I heard it from Tiannan to stand up.,His eye is humid,Following the yellow teach:“Uncle you?”
“My second uncle is yellow windy。”Huang Meiyu。
“it is good!”Tempened from Huang Mao’s hands from Huang Mao.。
After he talked about a few games to the woods and Huang Fengyu,This turned over and handed over the phone to Huang Road.:“It turns out that you are a yellow family.,not bad,Follow your big brother。”
“Secretary。”At this time, the night cold figure has also left and apologized.:“sorry,Zhongzhou Police Station。”
“You are the night home?”Looking at night to the sky, the cold is confused,This girl is like a student.,But look at this tone and the power,Not as average person。
This makes him remembering a big lady at night.,The rumor is now in the police of the police officers in Zhongzhou.。
“Secretary,I am a cold cold.。”Night Cooky。
“it is good,it is good,Today’s things are not the problem of warning,But my enemy is too poisonous.。”Sigh in the sky:“Fortunately, you come,Otherwise I have no life.。”
“Secretary,How to deal with this car?”Night Qing Dynasty words pointed to the Datang Auto Road。
“Self-destructive。”Jingjing quiet,I immediately reached out and took out a micro-remote control with blood gave night cold.。
“Well,Two tigers,Huang Mao,You have to get on the train with the book.,In addition, people take the body away.,I deal with what I have。”Night Qing Han Tong Yellow Mao and Er Tiger Road。
“OK。”Two tigers and yellow Mao are left to the Heaven,At the same time, people took away the body of the driver.,Then, wolf also leaving people。
Lin Feng’s figure stands up,Come to the night cold。
“How to destroy?”Lin Feng stared at Datang Auto,This car quality is really hard.。
“This is the latest Datang car,Self-http://www.justadidas.cndestruction system in each car。”Night Cooky:“System open,This car exploded。”