“The secret mission given by the emperor。”

“That wish all the generals all the best。”
When I left, I didn’t pay attention to Chen Mimo and Hu Daoli.。
Back to Command,Rui Rui said to Su Wenqian:“Wen Qian,I http://www.nastsdzsw.cn will take people to Xi’an.,Shanghai this is the opportunity to kill Chen Mai and Wang Shi’an with the pool city.。”
“Killed Wang Shi’an?”Wang Shi’an is now a regional general of the military.,Although it is a temporary generation,That is also the school officer,
“Correct,This person is the scourge of the military,If not him,Chen Mo Group will not be caught by the Japanese,Just don’t let people know that you kill。”Rui sharply,
Sanjoufeng makes Fujihara,Fujihara is from the United States and Fujiwai, Baihui followed the Zhongdao,Saito Conglang also has Zao Bugen,They are in Nanjing with Qingyuan Xuexue.,畑 畑 六 has received the notice of Yunren,Know that the three ends of You Feng want to perform a secret mission。
“Three tails,Are you hurt??”
“Already,commander,After I left, Shanghai has……”
“Three-tailed,I have sent people to take your work.,You will be relieved to complete the task handed over to your emperor.。”畑 畑 六 now found that San Tailo is more suitable for some special actions。
“What supplies need to lead directly,I have already said greetings.。”
“commander,Because I have a radio station is very inconvenient,Is there anything I need to help the intelligence agency along the way?。”
“no problem,You are not strange to intelligence courses,I have already said greetings.。”
Rui is also the opportunity to master the contact stations of some daily intelligence agencies.,But these liaison stations are certainly unable to move,Rui Rui to Intelligence Courses to get Addresses and Contact,After that, I took a boat to Wuhan to go to Xi’an.。
“boss,Contact them??”Qingyuan Xiangxue asked,
“Contact,They have already started working,We rushed over as soon as possible。”San Yousyu Fengtai station contacts the treasure team,I also contacted Fu Yingxue.,Treasure map is actually an ancient tomb,Fu Ying Xue took people with people in Yan’an.。
therefore,Four families and those devil experts will find a holiday,Rui Rui is to master a few Japanese intelligence stations,After that, Fu Yingxue will find a chance to destroy the treasure team.。
When I went to the location, I didn’t find ancient tombs yet.,Rui Rui can not have a lot,Let the devil experts find,I have been looking for more than half a month.,In mid-March, I found ancient tombs on the treasure map.,There is no in the result。
“It turns out that the so-called Tibet location is an ancient tomb.,However, it should be a tomb of this ancient tomb.。”An expert said,
“Unfortunately, I was stolen.,How do we say it with the emperor??”
“Yes,The emperor can be very expected,This is disappointed。”
Three tails Yousfeng will report to Yiren when the treasure team is,Tell this side,Results received back is to let these experts continue to stay in China to find treasures.,Let the three tails to keep in touch with the treasure team。
Rui Rui and Tan Lin bring the Qingyuan Xiangxue to Shanghai,I have already known this result.,But this is definitely going to go.,And the news of the ghost this treasure team has gave Fu Yingxue.,She will find a suitable opportunity to destroy http://www.gsp12580.cn them all。
Shanghai,Lin Nan has not succeeded several times of assassination Chen Moquity,His behavior has increased difficulty to other people’s assassination.,Because Chen Mo Group is now like a bird of shock,Where is it?,Even。
NS794chapter One more difficult than one
Su Wenqian and the two super killers in Chi Tiecheng have not found opportunities.,Wang Shi’an is more difficult,Because this bastard is not going out at all in the office.,What dirty lives are all Lin Nan and Gu Shen,He will only say the result at the meeting.,Specific scheme strategy he never gives,It’s really worth the fish king。
Lin Nan has finally seen the pastoral souls.,Ask:“Does the nine brothers still have no news??”
“Nine brothers are very busy,But he let me tell you,Chen Mo Group’s things you don’t have to intervene,The jellyfish assassination http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn group and the killing action group will find a way to solve him.。。”Su Wenqian said,
“But I still want to pay attention to it.!”Lin Nanfort hared traitors,Especially the people who respect and even worship。
“This is the order of nine brothers,You have killed him many times without success.,Instead, I almost take myself in.,It’s all you let Chen Moqun every day, such as the enemy.,Let us also find opportunities。”
“We can design him。”Lin Nan said,
“You want to make a bait?”
“Correct,If the Chen Miman knows where I am?,He will have to bring people,So you have the opportunity.?”Lin Nan said,