Social attention is very high。

In such a situation,Domestic Chinese medicine,Have to fight。
So,The focus of society is getting higher and higher,Not only the TV station live broadcast,There are also dozens of large network media platforms broadcast。
Minglin is implicated,Not because he is a person。
In fact, in the workplace,Few people know his identity。
on the contrary,Although it is only forty years old,But in the medical field,It is also a lot of famous doctors.。
He is not only proficient in Western medicine,Very deep research on Chinese medicine practitioners,And in the field of the two,Have a major breakthrough。
Let Mingli are really famous,It has been diagnosed with the national leaders.。
This time the Chinese and Western Medicine,Ming is pushed to the stage。
Can you always go now,He also didn’t make a clear statement。
Various questions and dissatisfaction also come。
After he said,Smile,“Not that I don’t want to go,It is 50 patients.,Rely on the good news,80% accuracy……”
He shook his head。
Not for your own medical skills,But there are many uncertainties.。
Toned,His look looks forward to,“Xiao Tian,Your medical skill must be very high.?”
“I still have to say it。”
Summer has no reason,“The old uncle wants me to fight.?”
“Yes,If you go,I’ll go as well,Let’s join hands,Kill the dog。”
Summer meditation,“When is the ring??”
“Three days later。”
Summer lifts the head,Conscientiously,“Uncle,I am not sure if I have time?,if so,I am going with you.。”
“Waiting for you this sentence。”
Ming I can’t help but take a palm,“Now there is time,Our grandfather exchanges exchanges and exchanges Chinese medicine experience。”
“it is good。”
for the rest of the time,Four people have fun,Atmosphere is quite harmonious and harmonious。
Ordinary until 6 pm,Xia Xue called the phone,Let summer take Liu Qingqing to participate in banquets。
The two bid farewell to the father and Minglong,Leave the old house again,Straight Ben Jing’an private club。
Jingan Private Club,One of the four generals of Beijing。
It is also the only private club in China in China.。
Most of this is the house of the prince of the Qing Dynasty.,Blue brick,Carved beam,Palace lamp,Entroy,Let people go back to the ancient intentions of the Royal Golden Jade Bowl。
This banquet,Northern Land Group。
More straightforward,This banquet is a dusty。
As one of the three beautiful capital,Dusty fairy not only has a peerless face,The influence is second only to Summer Red Clothing。
Young people who are invited in Beijing will participate,Even if you are invited,Will also send a gift,It’s so so that the dust is known to have such a person.。
Today is the days of the establishment of the Nordi Group……Or,Is a day worth celebrating。
Because in three days ago,The entire Northern Land has been included in the Northern Land Group。
Originally, all the land and entertainment venues of Xiao Xinyu,They have been done in the hands。