Lin Feng’s figure walked into it,Distance to nearly 100 meters,The golden big venk is followed by Dongxing and his love.。

Half time,A round of a round of 30 meters was successful by Lin Feng。
Empty in the palace。
Lin Feng took a ice bed with the ice of Tianshi.,Put the body of the willow into the ice bed,Willow’s figure is lifelike,It’s like falling into sleep.。
“good,In this way,She can maintain a few decades。”Golden big snake draws a few words:“You only need to find the blood of Phoenix in the future, you can let her wake up.。”
“Thank you, thank you.。”Lin Feng said honestly smiles。
“Don’t thank me,Give me more younger brother in the future.,Let me command.,what,The guy is not bad。”The golden big snake draws a few big characters.,The tail pointed to Dongxing。
“I rubbed,Golden Brother,In the future, you will cover your younger brother.。”Dongxing 嘿 嘿 嘿 着,He dares with this snake.。
It is simply a demon in his eyes.。
“Come,Take your point root。”The golden big snake once again draw a few words.,Its tongue looks back,It seems that the boss。
“I rubbed!”Dongxing 骂 骂,What are this world?,He really doubts that this snake is not a mixer.。
But in my heart,Dongxing smiled and walked up,Ignite a smoke,In the mouth of the golden big tack。
Golden big snake smoke,Swallow,A pair is very enjoyable。
“I have to smoke for Laozi.!”Lin Feng took a word。
Golden big python roll up tail direct flash,Dongxing also smiled and went out,Anyway the channel grows?,They have place to smoke。
“Maple,Where did you find this best?。”Love is not angry, watching Lin Feng Road。
“Talk long。”Lin Feng did not hide,When the things that are about to talk about,Three old elders including midnight。
“You are too old this time.,The martial arts master is in the power of the bronze level or in the level of gold,Both are big people,I died three times.,I estimate that the moon bell will send a big person to come here.。”Love looks。
“fine,They can’t come up with my head.,Who can think of me to practice non-toxic gods to such a realm?,And I want to let the non-toxic god disappeared,It will disappear。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“As for this golden big snake nature is not bad,Is a friend who can get something。”
“Ok,You can grasp it.,At least it provides you with a new clue。”Love。
“Yes,I feel more hopeful.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,Everything is handed over,You don’t have to worry,I will work hard.。”
“You can’t borrow your teacher’s forces??”Love suddenly opens the mouth,People are selfish,Love is also the same,She knows that there is a super power behind Lin Feng.,If you can use the way,Maybe it can save it.。
“Love,To be honest,I am a very ordinary college graduate.,Everything is from my adventure,I’m not behind me.,I said that all this is just to integrate your face.。”Lin Feng silently。
I don’t know why,He is in the willows who are life and death,He dares to say lie。
“what?You get the adventure?”Love 姨 言 失。
She can’t believe Lin Feng。
“good,I practice it for ten days.。”Lin Feng’s face revealed a bitter smile:“I have a perspective function,So, I can gamble,I have a peerless prescription,I can formulate many holy springs.。”
Emperor Warm Ween Sky Was。
It turns out that this is the truth of things.,It is no wonder that Lin Feng looks like a person without rivers and lakes.,Handling a lot of things very sad。
“Love,sorry,I have concealed a lot。”Lin Feng apologizes。
“Silly,In fact, you should always hide,Such secrets you must hide for a lifetime,Even in the belly。”Emotional:“You should not tell me。”
“But,I am glamorous,I should not lying.。”Lin Feng face with bitter smiles:“And you are her,It’s like a child,I can lie to you.。”
“Love, I didn’t hear it.。”Love sighed。
“Yes。”Lin Feng does not matter。
“So saying that your practice is very short.,Ten days have a fighting force comparable to the martial art?Do not,You can hunt the power of the martial arts level.。”Love is like a monster looks like Lin Feng.:“How are you practicing??”
“I have a holy spring, it is easy to practice the former two realms.,The third realm is my breakthrough in my life and death crisis.,The fourth realm is that I have a master of perspective and the big days.,This can easily go to the second pulse,The current realm is a seven-star harvesting Dan.,The power is again doubled, and it is expense.。”Lin Feng sizes。
“even so,Also very against the sky,You can master the third realm within a short time,It’s very can’t afford it.,In the future。”Love,Even now, this achievement will make others struggle for a lifetime.。
Even in millions of martial arts practitioners,There are not a few struggles to this point.。
“Maybe。”Lin Feng Road。